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The Setup

A studio designed to make great music, easily


Under the right conditions, a recording session can just flow. Of course talent on both sides of the glass are a big help, but beyond that, we have some ingenious design innovations will make you wonder how you'll ever record without them!


With a goal of creating a fluid workflow, monitors, keyboards and trackballs are installed at various locations around the studio. This allows viewing and controlling of the computer from anywhere in the live room or control room.  A fourth computer monitor is built into the mixing console, so the computer can be operated the from the optimum listening position without obstructing the view of the live room.

Great sounding instruments, classic microphones, and loads of Neve transformers and vacuum tubes make getting fantastic sounds effortless. Speaker cabinets in an isolated room are wired to an array of tube heads in the control room. You can quickly audition and select Fender, Marshall, HiWatt, Park or ToneTubby Speakers in seconds with the flip of a switch! 

We Ready? Yup

Everything is ready to go when you are. The drum set is already mic'd up. Same with the piano and guitar amps. All the vintage synths are pre-wired to a dedicated mixer. Clever patch-bay design routes device inputs and outputs for many common scenarios automatically. We are usually ready to record by the time you are done tuning. 

Inside the box

As much as we love to capture a perfect live performance straight to analog tape, sometimes digital is just the right call. Protools, Reason, Live, Waves, Melodyne, Auto-tune, Drumagog and Kontact are just some of the software at your disposal to record, edit, transform and mix your recordings to your heart's content.

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